Environmental Care

Harton Farm makes its contribution to a greener environment in the following ways:-

Our very productive garden and greenhouse provide a wide range of pesticide-free, gardensseasonally-available fruit, vegetables and herbs, thus food miles are zero. Our pork, beef and lamb are home-reared with kindness to high welfare standards. Poultry, game and fish are locally sourced from reputable suppliers.

Solar panels provide hot water, hence electricity usage is reduced. Other fuel-saving methods include low-wattage long-life lightbulbs, a solar/windup radio, sunpipes and logfires.

Our waymarked farm walk is designed to encourage visitors to step outside and look at the plants and wildlife which abound on our land. The accompanying leaflet explains what can be seen where, and also gives background information on how and why the farm is managed as it is. Bird mapping has been accomplished in conjunction with RSPB.

We use Ecover biodegradeable cleaners e.g. washing-up liquid, soap powder etc, and have done since 1988. This causes less pollution and enables our septic tank to stay healthy.

bullaceAll tea and coffee is Fairtrade , and has been since 1988. stagsOther Fairtrade products are frequently used, thus ensuring that Third World workers and producers get a fair deal.

Since our rubbish is sorted for recycling , we ask our visitors’ co-operation in doing likewise. Green waste is composted.

We use the well and collecting butts for the animals and garden, and water-hogs in the loos, to save water.

To cater for all interests , there’s a huge range of local tourism brochures available in thebutterfly lounge. Walkers may borrow from the variety of route maps or books which cover Exmoor and the mid-Devon areas. We can store bicycles under cover. We encourage guests to visit village shops, tea rooms and farmers’ markets and are very willing to store homeward-bound food purchases in the fridge/freezer.
Exmoor is a unique place , ecologically and culturally.

We welcome questions about rural life.

Thanks to Andrew Koester for photographs taken at Harton Farmhounds