The Farm and Garden

The farm extends to 53 acres and is bounded on one side by a stream and wooded valley. DelphineOur livestock includes a 100 ewe flock of sheep, chickens and the usual cats and dogs. Amongst them are rare, minority and old fashioned breeds. All the animals are friendly and approachable, rams excepted. The nucleus of our flock consists of Exmoor Horn ewes. They are hardy sheep, native to the area and, unusually for a hill breed, grow wool good enough for making into hand-knitting yarn and long walking socks. You can purchase these products here at Harton Farm.

the woolstore

Harton Farm woolstore

For more on Exmoor Horn Wool please look for products and for breeders

With conservation in mind we have planted several hundred deciduous hardwoods and are engaged in extensive hedgerow renovation. The farm is managed non-intensively and we are deeply committed to maintaining our land in a sustainable and sensitive way.

The garden grows everything we need which means around 50 varieties of vegetables, 20 herbs and many sorts of soft and top fruit. In addition to mainstays such as potatoes and brassicas, we grow some exotica for you to try such as asparagus peas, mangetout, radicchio, chicory, custard squash, mizuna, spaghetti marrow and loganberries

Some of the flowers are grown drying as well as cutting and amongst both flowers and gardensvegetables you will find culinary, medicinal, dyestuffs and pot-pourri herbs.

‘Harton Farm Preserves’ has a range of about 15 varieties of jam and chutney made from our own seasonally available produce.

Visitors are most welcome to explore the farm. Signposts, a leaflet with nature notes and our working dogs will guide you on you way.


Harton Farm walled kitchen garden